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JOHN TAYLOR: Zbygnew Willzek doesn't like it being said he's homeless, he prefers being referred to as being of no fixed address.

For two years he's been living near the ABC's Brisbane headquarters at Toowong seeking shelter behind buildings, in a local park, anywhere he can get it.

Clad in plastic shopping bags, grime all over him from sleeping and living rough, he can be regularly seen going through bins looking for food.

ZBYGNEW WILLZEK: I am a man that's living without a house, but I'm not homeless. I could go into one of those rooms or a house if I wanted to. I just don't want to.

JOHN TAYLOR: He knows poverty, turning 43 this year he lives poverty, and will for the foreseeable future.

ZBYGNEW WILLZEK: I really don't care any more. It doesn't worry me. I mean it's working, I'm alive. Ice-cream tastes good. A lot of things you miss out on, but that's my bad luck.
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