myre (thenightterrors) wrote in randomrampage,

New Application Required Thingy

here are some ideas for jump-starting the community.
we could use them. or not. whatever.
suggestions are welcome.
okay, every new member (and current member) would have to do the following things:
A. Advertise using a home-made banner
B. Do two of the following and post them:
i. Create a piece of random art (photoshop not required)
ii. Make a selection of random images from the internet
iii. A word association game, with words (not sure which... eh.)
iv. Uh... there is no number four.
v. Well... i got nothing. Suggestions for numbers four and/or five?
C. Contribute a phrase to the userinfo
D. Post within the first three days of joining
Once again, suggestions?
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